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What is 7 Point Ranch?

Bluebird Property Rentals, LLC. in Bozeman, Montana, offers rooms and event rentals at our 7 Point Guest Ranch. These accomodiations are great for those who want a bit more privacy. Our private individual rooms offer stunning views of Paradise Valley and private access to the Yellowstone River. From the tastefully decorated rooms to well-equipped common areas, 7 Point Ranch offers a unique lodging experience.

7 Point Ranch, located in Paradise Valley, just 29 miles north of Yellowstone Park, offers the comforts of home right in the heart of the Montana Rockies. . You won’t experience that “trapped in a hotel” feeling with us. Access to the Yellowstone River is just a walk out the back door, and Yellowstone National Park is only a short drive away. We can help you plan your visit, including multi-day park access, fly fishing lessons, hiking, hot springs soaking or just hanging out and enjoying the view.


7 Point Ranch has lovely, clean, and furnished rooms, such as the Fireplace Room and the Bison Room. They feature private bathrooms and comfortable beds and a communal kitchen . The ranch is surrounded with an abundance of magnificent views and outdoor activities that you can enjoy.The property is private and discreet, with open access to the beautiful Yellowstone River. It also has a room refrigerator and a communal washer and dryer.

Getting Closer To Nature

Get back to nature and leave your stress and fatigue at the door. Our vacation house is just 30 minutes away from Livingston, and is very close to nature-related places and establishments.

Yellowstone National Park & Hot Springs

Experience the greatness of the boiling river and the Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone National Park. Relieve your body of stress by immersing yourself in the hot springs of Chico Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa. Afterwards, indulge in their formal dining and Sunday brunch buffet.

Things to Remember

7 Point Ranch is undergoing remodeling right now and the place is just getting more beautiful. We are excited to bring a relaxing ambiance with an appeal to the luxurious, rustic, and fun-loving traveler like you. Call us today for booking details!

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